Referral Services

Substance Abuse Services
All youth with a charge of possession of marijuana are referred to a treatment center for screening to ensure that their smoking is not habit forming or further services are needed. Over the past year, approximately 45 youth received a referral for additional screening and many are participating in youth programs at treatment centers.

All youth that participate in Youth Court receive mentoring or coaching from a staff person while enrolled in the program.  Saturday volunteers also provide coaching.  Youth are consistently encouraged to make good decisions by analyzing situations before acting and engage in positive activities in school and the community. Youth also check in with the leaders of the Boys and Girls Group at least once a week with problems that they are experiencing and the decisions that they made with respect to that problem

Youth Educational Shoplifters Program (YES) – The YES Program is an “offense specific” home-study educational program for juveniles charged with theft and shoplifting, designed to prevent their further penetration into the criminal justice system.

Stay in School Effort
Youth Court encourages our participants to stay in school by becoming an Advocate for our youth. Services consist of regularly visiting schools to check on students, collecting report cards, helping parents resolve school issues, coordinating other school meetings when needed, and curfew checks