Youth Court Board Members

Special thanks to all of our board members, who make time out of their busy schedules aid in the direction and development of Youth Court.

Judge Arthur Burnett— Senior Judge, DC Superior Court, President/Chairperson.
Dr. Reginald Elliott — Vice President, Prior Principal, Luke C. Moore Academy
Irvin Dallas — Dallas Associates, Treasurer
Professor Edgar Cahn — Founder, Professor, UDC School of Law
Carolyn Dallas — Executive Director
Dr. Ashkan Monfared — Assistant Professor, GW School of Medicine
Rev. Paul Saddler — Pastor, 12th Street Christian Church
Dr. Andrea Weisman — Child Psychologist, Consultant
Lynette Hardy — Parent, Educator
Caryn Hines – Secretary, Administrative Law Judge for the District of Columbia
Professor Josephine Ross – Associate Professor of Law, Howard University